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VAT: I believe that sales that take place on the High Seas are zero VAT rated. [read more]
Published on 17 Oct. 2017 in: Vat Helpdesk Foreign currency sales
maurice asked:
As an importer, can we claim Customs duties paid upfront with the Custom VAT? [read more]
Published on 17 Oct. 2017 in: Exports and imports
I received a Vat Adjustment Reason Code 3 (Burden of proof not discharged) on [read more]
Published on 17 Oct. 2017 in: Vat return Vat adjustment
oddjob asked:
Is output vat charged on the sale of company owned motor cars on which no input [read more]
Published on 13 Oct. 2017 in: Vat basics Vat questions and answers
barbie asked:
Dear Vat Helpdesk One of our clients wants confirmation on the Input Vat [read more]
Published on 12 Oct. 2017 in: Vat basics
msvalle asked:
A business opened a new venture and budgeted to reach the 1mil VAT threshold on [read more]
Published on 11 Oct. 2017 in: Vat registrations Late vat registration
Ex-SARS auditor reveals: Five red-flags SARS looks for when doing a Vat audit…
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msvalle asked:
Hi, I have a client who in the prior financial year paid himself a salary and [read more]
Published on 11 Oct. 2017 in: PAYE Paye liability clearing
thompson asked:
My company has not been able to submit both PAYE and VAT returns since April [read more]
Published on 11 Oct. 2017 in: Non-compliance tax administration act Paye and vat
Hi, We are buying an existing informal Internet cafe which does not keep [read more]
Published on 10 Oct. 2017 in: Accountant Accounting
I lost my tax number can i get it again? My id number is 8710185209083 [read more]
Published on 09 Oct. 2017 in: Bookkeeper Email marketing
barry asked:
I am being paid a once off Restraint Of Trade allowance and will in future be [read more]
Published on 09 Oct. 2017 in: PAYE
Sanelle asked:
Good day, I would just like to know how you account for section 13 sex in [read more]
Published on 04 Oct. 2017 in: Accounting Section 13 sex - trusts
Small error, serious consequences!
How to avoid penalties for errors in Vat declarations. Discover more here...
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therese asked:
A client of mine has an 3713 other allowance for R123053.00. This is what his [read more]
Published on 03 Oct. 2017 in: How to object to sars Other allowance
gps1973 asked:
We are in the process of selling a company motor car to a dealer. This car was [read more]
Published on 28 Sep. 2017 in: Vat questions answers Output vat requirement on sale of company vehicle
VanessaK asked:
In the past Zimbabwe could only take withholding tax off from service items [read more]
Published on 28 Sep. 2017 in: Exports and imports Withholding tax
con asked:
Mrs X received R300 000 from her ex husband's pension fund in a lump sum, as [read more]
Published on 27 Sep. 2017 in: Tax Helpdesk
oddjob asked:
Are we obliged to charge output tax on the sale of a company owned vehicle even [read more]
Published on 27 Sep. 2017 in: Vat Helpdesk Output vat
oddjob asked:
We recently sold a company owned Toyota Fortuner to a private dealer.When we [read more]
Published on 27 Sep. 2017 in: Vat questions answers
There are 11 law changes from the Companies Act that directly affect the financial manager.
Do you know what they are?
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Knottco asked:
The shareholder of the company is a family trust. The director is a trustee of [read more]
Published on 26 Sep. 2017 in: Accounting Helpdesk Accounting
riaz asked:
Hi. My client wishes to sell his business. Please advise what is the Capital [read more]
Published on 22 Sep. 2017 in: Capital gains tax Cgt consequences of selling a business

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I normally receive a small VAT credit but have not submitted returns for some time (a couple of years). Will there...[read more]
Published on 23 Jul. 2017 1 answer
How to retrieve my Tax no?[read more]
Published on 29 Aug. 2017 1 answer
If a agent is not a registered vendor, will the principle agent still be applicable? Case Study: - Agent(Non-vendor)...[read more]
Published on 27 Jul. 2017 1 answer
Is VAT chargeable when selling a company car to an employee?[read more]
Published on 24 Jul. 2017 1 answer
When receiving a donation and then donating that same donation would it constitute a value of NIL? Would you declare 0...[read more]
Published on 24 Jul. 2017 3 answers
We buy oil for our canteen for cooking purposes, once the oil has reached its life span we then sell it back to the...[read more]
Published on 07 Aug. 2017 1 answer
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