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Landie asked:
Good day , If I have received a sponsorship ( a credit balance) to the value [read more]
Published on 21 Feb. 2017 in: Tax Helpdesk Sponsorship of web space for
jackijacks asked:
I have allowed my son to pay a much reduced rental for a property. Can the [read more]
Published on 21 Feb. 2017 in: Donations Tax Reduced rental
Jurgens1 asked:
Hello. We have a VAT217 on one of our clients and we can now complete a full [read more]
Published on 21 Feb. 2017 in: Objections
AnnB asked:
I have recently received the results from SARS of my personal tax, they have [read more]
Published on 20 Feb. 2017 in: Audit/Assessment Medical aid expenses.
Praemon asked:
I would like to know what the correct accounting is (ie. how to correctly [read more]
Published on 19 Feb. 2017 in: Accounting questions answers Gift vouchers
manuella asked:
How many months prior to my registration do I have to claim for vat returns [read more]
Published on 17 Feb. 2017 in: Accountant Returns
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manuella asked:
I registered a company for VAt in December 2016. When I made a claim for 2015 [read more]
Published on 17 Feb. 2017 in: Accounting Returns
easytax asked:
I am buying secondhand vehicles to use in a car rental business. I am a vat [read more]
Published on 17 Feb. 2017 in: Vat refunds Input vat
Caps asked:
My Client received a servitude from Eskom. Is this taxable as normal income or [read more]
Published on 16 Feb. 2017 in: Capital gains tax Cgt
Sihlez asked:
How do you calculate PAYE on the bonus which can cause the taxable income to [read more]
Published on 16 Feb. 2017 in: PAYE 1 answer
NikolayM asked:
Hi, in order to qualify for the section 13 sex depreciation allowance the [read more]
Published on 16 Feb. 2017 in: Allowances and deductions Residential building allowance
CCH asked:
Hello I need help please. I retired end August 2016. I have a pension and [read more]
Published on 16 Feb. 2017 in: Allowances and deductions Retirement
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AGB asked:
I would like to know as a lead employer and a service provider whether am i [read more]
Published on 16 Feb. 2017 in: Employment Tax Incentive Act Learnership deduction
user12345 asked:
If a resident pty ltd which is a VAT vendor receives bitcoin as payment from [read more]
Published on 15 Feb. 2017 in: Vat basics Vat and bitcoin
Kogipo asked:
Can i invoice a South African based company using zero rate tax code [read more]
Published on 14 Feb. 2017 in: Tax questions answers Zero rate
Ross69 asked:
Hi, I am a shareholder in a company that owned an apartment in Sea Point. We [read more]
Published on 13 Feb. 2017 in: Capital gains tax Offset cgt payable
Kogipo asked:
Do I have to put through an employee loan through payroll Eg: If i am paying [read more]
Published on 13 Feb. 2017 in: PAYE Staff loan 1 answer
Leani asked:
If a church employs a pastor on a part time basis (It is not the Pastor's full [read more]
Published on 12 Feb. 2017 in: Employee taxes
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Knottco asked:
How do I cancelled a tax practioner, who refuse to release, my company profile. [read more]
Published on 10 Feb. 2017 in: Sars
ntebo asked:
How is vat charged on water and electricity owed by a company and is [read more]
Published on 10 Feb. 2017 in: Vat questions answers Vat input and output

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We are paying marketing costs to advertise on Facebook. Can we claim VAT input? We are not getting any invoices and the...[read more]
Published on 27 Nov. 2016 1 answer
I have a client that's a judge and received allowances under this code listed above. Please advise on the deductions...[read more]
Published on 22 Nov. 2016 1 answer
Good day. We are an Educational Franchise group rendering maths and mental arithmetic classes to pre-school students as...[read more]
Published on 01 Dec. 2016 1 answer
Hi, is it possible for a vendor to backdate their invoices and raise invoices for output vat to their customers? we...[read more]
Published on 17 Jan. 2017 1 answer
hi, my name is letlhogonolo wilson motlhobatsie can you please send me my tax number because i need to submit it at...[read more]
Published on 18 Jan. 2017 1 answer
Taxpayers are expected to keep tax documentation for 5 years as per my enquiries at SARS offices. On the other hand what...[read more]
Published on 09 Dec. 2016 1 answer
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