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AlbertB asked:
Company A has 200 issued no-par value shares. No share capital is showing on [read more]
Published on 28 May. 2017 in: Accounting Buy back of shares
wynnedr asked:
can I claim input tax on amounts spent on staff welfare [read more]
Published on 27 May. 2017 in: Tax questions answers Staff welfare
wynnedr asked:
Can I claim the VAT on food purchased for staff welfare? [read more]
Published on 27 May. 2017 in: Tax questions answers
Janette asked:
My income exceeded R1 000 000 August 2016, but I have only registered for VAT [read more]
Published on 27 May. 2017 in: Vat registrations Overdue vat registration
valencia asked:
All our sales is standard rate and we declared VAT on the total sales. Would we [read more]
Published on 26 May. 2017 in: Vat questions answers
I have a client who is renting out rooms in their home. They are also still [read more]
Published on 24 May. 2017 in: Tax Helpdesk Cost deduction rental income
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imtiaz asked:
I have a client who began trading in January 2017. Can i prepare a 14 month set [read more]
Published on 24 May. 2017 in: Accounting Helpdesk Financial statements for greater than 12 months
lynnpreece asked:
My client is a registered VAT vendor. Selling a single cab bakkie. We could not [read more]
Published on 22 May. 2017 in: Vat basics Output vat on sale of bakkie 1 answer
ross asked:
What is now the best way to plan Estate Planning – are Family Trusts still an [read more]
Published on 19 May. 2017 in: Trusts Loans to family trusts 1 answer
LSCFIN asked:
Dear Sirs, My client is a South African resident and owns property in the [read more]
Published on 18 May. 2017 in: Tax returns
janc asked:
A kiosk at a garage charged me R48.99 for goods. I paid cash R50.00. I received [read more]
Published on 17 May. 2017 in: Incorrect tax invoices
deepakh asked:
can anyone share information on how this works practically? [read more]
Published on 16 May. 2017 in: Vat Helpdesk 1 answer
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lourens asked:
Morning, My wife and I own a flat in the UK which we have remortgaged to [read more]
Published on 08 May. 2017 in: Advance tax ruling
Hi All We have a Temporary employment service and would like to know if you [read more]
Published on 08 May. 2017 in: Vat Helpdesk Vat on invoicing 1 answer
We have a debit intergrouploan (+/- R450 000.00) in the Company (O) originating [read more]
Published on 05 May. 2017 in: Tax Helpdesk Company and individual income tax application 1 answer
Buhle79 asked:
Hi Can you give an elaborative differentiation, with examples, on VAT Input [read more]
Published on 05 May. 2017 in: Vat Helpdesk 1 answer
TLC asked:
When issuing an invoice to a client for accommodation for a project, gross [read more]
Published on 04 May. 2017 in: Vat Helpdesk Invoicing 1 answer
Hi I have a Labour broker company so we place out our employees to render a [read more]
Published on 04 May. 2017 in: Tax invoices Labour as a service
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ChristinaM asked:
Is Input Vat claimable on Company Vehicle Branding? [read more]
Published on 03 May. 2017 in: Input tax Branding
annelize hartman
A client has had an additional assessment on the 2016 which was completed in [read more]
Published on 03 May. 2017 in: How to object against sars assessment Late dispute against assessment

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HI there What I am trying to establish is what amount should I use when using the formula (A-B) x C/100 x D/12 ...[read more]
Published on 31 Mar. 2017 2 answers
I know there is no VAT on the Licence itself. What about the Transaction Fee charged when you renew a licence ? Ie on a...[read more]
Published on 13 Apr. 2017 1 answer
In terms of the VAT Act on amounts exceeding R5 000 a full tax invoice must be issued. However, if for instance a VAT...[read more]
Published on 03 Apr. 2017 1 answer
Taxpayer T has always received a tax refund on an Employer Provided Vehicle (other than the operating lease) in...[read more]
Published on 10 Apr. 2017 1 answer
My South African business offers software design services to companies and individuals in Taiwan. We have 2 agents...[read more]
Published on 13 Mar. 2017 1 answer
Good Day, A 3rd party supplier who rendered a service did not charge VAT on their invoice when the invoices us. We...[read more]
Published on 13 Apr. 2017 1 answer
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