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My client had several taxis. The taxis and permits were sold to the City of [read more]
Published on 20 Jan. 2017 in: Capital gains profits Taxation
Tax321 asked:
My South african company receives an request from a UK based company to provide [read more]
Published on 19 Jan. 2017 in: Vat Helpdesk 1 answer
hi, my name is letlhogonolo wilson motlhobatsie can you please send me my tax [read more]
Published on 18 Jan. 2017 in: Employee taxes
andrelotz1 asked:
Hi, I have an entity currently using IFRS for SME. I revalued my investment [read more]
Published on 18 Jan. 2017 in: Accounting questions answers
louisem asked:
Can we claim the input vat on gifts to customers [read more]
Published on 18 Jan. 2017 in: Bookkeeper
Nommie asked:
Hi, is it possible for a vendor to backdate their invoices and raise [read more]
Published on 17 Jan. 2017 in: Vat basics 1 answer
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Marmelade asked:
Age old question, I know. But the search engines are letting me down :-( The [read more]
Published on 16 Jan. 2017 in: Tax returns Travel expenses
Nits asked:
Can VAT be claimed for capital expenditure incurred DURING THE CONSTRUCTION [read more]
Published on 14 Jan. 2017 in: Vat basics Claiming vat
Nits asked:
My company purchases goods from foreign suppliers who issue us with a Proforma [read more]
Published on 14 Jan. 2017 in: Accounting Helpdesk Foreign purchases 1 answer
One of my clients has sold their business for R250,000 but retained the CC. All [read more]
Published on 13 Jan. 2017 in: Capital gains profits Sale of business assets
I own a petrol station (Total owned) and I therefore always get a Vat [read more]
Published on 11 Jan. 2017 in: Vat refunds
webmaster asked:
In the 2016 tax year I (age 59) resigned my 50% interest in a Close Corporation [read more]
Published on 11 Jan. 2017 in: Tax returns How to declare tax on retirement payment on termination of membership in cc
The Company Car. An employee's favourite Perk. An Accountant's Little time bomb.
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mjdmartin asked:
When a business in South Africa provides a service to a company in Lesotho but [read more]
Published on 10 Jan. 2017 in: Accountant Consulting services
appleagent asked:
Hi I hope someone can assist me in resolving a common problem in my [read more]
Published on 10 Jan. 2017 in: Vat basics Tax law for lower middle class
Mich081 asked:
Hi there, I hope someone can help. We are a small business and outsource [read more]
Published on 09 Jan. 2017 in: Late vat sars payment penalty Service orientated business
I have forgotten my tax number [read more]
Published on 05 Jan. 2017 in: Tax questions answers Tax questions answers
impact01 asked:
Please advise how I can change the user name. Thanks [read more]
Published on 05 Jan. 2017 in: Accommodation Login
How should I treat donations from my children as a taxpayer . This includes [read more]
Published on 04 Jan. 2017 in: PAYE Donations from own children 3 answers
SARS missed the mark by R13 billion this year… And now it’s coming after you!
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Lebom asked:
I forgot my tax number can I get it [read more]
Published on 03 Jan. 2017 in: Employee taxes Tax
can one claim input vat on depreciation expenses [read more]
Published on 02 Jan. 2017 in: Company cars

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Procedure to get vat input in West Bangal against foreign business tour expenses.[read more]
Published on 31 Oct. 2016 1 answer
Situation: Entity A has employees. Entity A enters into an agreement with Vendor B, for Vendor B to pay...[read more]
Published on 21 Nov. 2016 1 answer
Good day, I have a client who rendered a service through a company to another SA registered company. The service was...[read more]
Published on 25 Oct. 2016 1 answer
Is it legal for me to trade with someone who is not a registered vendor who based on volume of sales to me alone...[read more]
Published on 21 Nov. 2016 1 answer
We are a new start up and we've sold wine to China and are exporting it ourselves using a freight forwarder. (We have...[read more]
Published on 25 Oct. 2016 1 answer
Hi. We have incurred Vat charges on invoices from suppliers prior to our company being registered for vat and have paid...[read more]
Published on 20 Oct. 2016 1 answer
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