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Should a CC update their MOI to make arrangements for the new amended companies [read more]
Published on 15 Jan. 2018 in: Companies act 2008 Close corporations
ronelfig asked:
What category does intercompany loan account fall under when setting up new [read more]
Published on 11 Jan. 2018 in: Accounting questions answers
Evergreen asked:
Hello I have a client who has hit the threshold for compulsory vat [read more]
Published on 10 Jan. 2018 in: Input tax Claiming input vat with regards to compulsory registration
Hdb89 asked:
Good day We received a call in December from SARS stating that we have an [read more]
Published on 08 Jan. 2018 in: Vat objection
ColinD asked:
We are a tour operator, hire cars for clients and charge VAT on the sale. As [read more]
Published on 01 Jan. 2018 in: Sars vat objection Vat on car hire
Nombuh asked:
Please can you help mi get my tax number it urgent [read more]
Published on 19 Dec. 2017 in: Accountant Online tax number
Ex-SARS auditor reveals: Five red-flags SARS looks for when doing a Vat audit…
Click here for more... »
Keithany asked:
Hi, this is my first year of business and I am a bit confused about the periods [read more]
Published on 18 Dec. 2017 in: Accountant Accountant
Good Day We are a construction company and registered for VAT. We bought a 4 [read more]
Published on 15 Dec. 2017 in: Vat refunds
calumw asked:
Is a company obliged to pay interest on a credit director's/shareholder's loan [read more]
Published on 08 Dec. 2017 in: Accounting Helpdesk
RWDuncan asked:
Can we claim the vat and our annual upgrade and maintenance software licences? [read more]
Published on 07 Dec. 2017 in: Vat basics License software vat basics
Hi I have recently paid off my house. I have subsequently opened a trust. I [read more]
Published on 05 Dec. 2017 in: Donations Tax Donating a property to a trust
Good day. Our NPO have projects... our partners in overseas wanna donate hand [read more]
Published on 01 Dec. 2017 in: Tax Helpdesk Online
Small error, serious consequences!
How to avoid penalties for errors in Vat declarations. Discover more here...
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Nits asked:
Does the expense incurred for Blood tests qualify as out of pocket expenses for [read more]
Published on 25 Nov. 2017 in: Medical expenses Tax credit
LesH34 asked:
Is vat levied on secondhand vintage machine components bought on ebay? [read more]
Published on 24 Nov. 2017 in: Vat questions answers
Kathleend asked:
I have a client that will not pay vat on a Demurrage invoice, according to him [read more]
Published on 23 Nov. 2017 in: Vat Helpdesk Demurrage
nicb asked:
I am registered for turnover tax and have submitted my TT03 for the year end [read more]
Published on 21 Nov. 2017 in: Turnover Tax Tt03 and itr12
New VAT registration:claiming input VAT - 1.How far back, and 2. ALL or [read more]
Published on 20 Nov. 2017 in: Vat registrations Vat input calculation
Madeleen asked:
One of my clients is a private pre-primary school. Not registerred with [read more]
Published on 16 Nov. 2017 in: Vat registrations
Complete your Vat return in 7 easy steps! Find out how...
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frankie asked:
Vat 201 for input side (other goods and services ) do we put vat amount from [read more]
Published on 15 Nov. 2017 in: Input tax Input vat return
Hi. We have purcahsed gifts for our client to show appreciation for Christmas. [read more]
Published on 15 Nov. 2017 in: Vat questions answers

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VAT: I believe that sales that take place on the High Seas are zero VAT rated. However, SARS want justification that...[read more]
Published on 17 Oct. 2017 1 answer
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