So you’ve lost the original tax invoice from your supplier. What now?

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 17 Dec. 2014

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Yesterday, your supplier came to deliver your goods and gave you your tax invoice as usual.

Because you had to rush to a meeting, you didn’t file it right away.

The next day you’re doing your books. You remember you need to file yesterday’s invoice. You look for it everywhere, but can’t find it.

You’re now panicking because you know a tax invoice is the most important document when it comes to your input tax claims.

Without it, you can’t claim. And this means you’ll lose out on boosting your cash flow.

So what now? Is all lost?

Not quite. There’s a lifeline…

Do THIS when your original tax invoice goes missing

The Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service says if you lose or misplace the original tax invoice, ask your supplier to give you a copy.
In terms of Vat law, you must ask him to mark it clearly as “copy”.
If he faxes the copy to you, you must print it on plain paper. If you don’t, SARS won’t accept it. This is because old fax paper fades and this means it can’t guarantee that the information is correct.
Your supplier can also email you a copy of the invoice, with the word “copy” on it.
When you get the copy from your supplier, remember to do this eight point check on it to make sure it’s valid…

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Can you really afford not to be 100% sure about every input tax claim you submit?

You risk:

  • Claiming less money than you should; or
  • Claiming more money than you should, and getting a black mark from SARS plus penalties and interest!
Make sure you’re 100% sure. Here’s how…


Do this eight point check on your tax invoice to make sure it’s valid

You must check that your invoice has:
  1. The words “tax invoice”;
  1. The name, address and Vat number of the supplier (airline, hotel etc);
  1. Your company name and address and Vat number;
  1. A serial number;
  1. A date;
  1. The description and quantity of the goods bought or services supplied;
  1. Payment for the goods or services;
  1. The amount of Vat or a statement that says the price includes Vat and the rate of the Vat charge (i.e. either 0% if zero-rated or 14% if standard); and
  1. The word “copy” on it.
It’s not the end of the world if you lose your tax invoice. Just ask your supplier to give you a copy and mark it as “copy”. This way, you won’t lose out on input tax claims.
PS: For more information on tax invoices and how to manage them so you don’t lose out on input tax claims, check out the Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service.

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